Catalyst Youth

Youth aren’t the church of tomorrow – they’re the church of today.

Every day our youth are faced with a challenging and devolving society, and many teens struggle to find their identity in Christ as they navigate through uncharted territory. Growing up in this new postmodern culture is alien to many parents- youth today are facing a weakening of morality which wasn’t present even ten years ago.

Catalyst Youth firmly believes that spiritual growth, relationship with God, and knowledge of the Bible are all things which start in the home. However, we know that you as parents can’t do it alone. We are here to aid you, help you, and support you and your teens as they work out who they are in the Church and who they will become.

Catalyst Youth meets on Sunday nights at 6pm. Come join us!

If you’re interested in serving with Catalyst Youth, we’d love to get you plugged in. To get more information, use the form below or contact us at

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