What Should I Expect

Friendly greetings, coffee, and Jesus

We open up our Bibles and Marvel at Jesus

You can expect a warm greeting, a comfortable seat, and the opportunity to develop your walk with Christ. At Catalyst, we understand that all who come to us do so at different points in their relationship with God and with the body of Christ — and we exist to foster the growth of both.

There are two phrases that you’re likely to hear around Catalyst. The first is, “Jesus Changes Everything.” In the Bible, every time someone comes into contact with Jesus they go through a pretty major, we might say ‘catalytic,’ change. From down and out sinners to self-righteous zealots, Jesus offers hope and redemption. The second phrase is, “we don’t want to tell you all of the things you have to do to get to God. We want to help you marvel at what God has done in Christ to get to you.” The good news of Christianity is that it’s way more about Jesus than you. At Catalyst you can expect to meet people who have been changed by Jesus and who still marvel at how God has displayed his love for them in Christ.

We welcome you into our body of believers to worship, to grow, and to serve.